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Los Angeles, Ca

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Tiny Room + The Dock

In Collaboration With Tiny Room, A Professional Video And Audio Recording Studio In Los Angeles, StudioONE Is Designed To Help Artists Achieve The Highest Plateaus Of Sound Quality. This Concept Welcomes Artists To Integrate With Our Community, Find Inspiration, And Cultivate Musical Exploration. Our Joint Mission Provides An Unparalleled Microcosm For Creativity.


mixing & mastering

The Dock now offers mixing & mastering services in partnership with platinum producer & engineer Joe Venuti.

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Built by a small group of friends and neighbors, The Dock began as an underground proof of concept. Our idea - to design and build a free-floating recording studio that will satisfy the basic needs of up-and-coming artist and producer. One idea evolved into another, and the result was a uniquely vibrant creative space with two production suites, two artist studios, a furniture workshop and lounge. Collaborations were nearly unavoidable, and the energy was fantastic. The Dock has come up from underground.